James Corden made Honorary Irishman

James Corden has revealed his first duty as an honorary Irishman will be to stop his fellow Englishmen from saying “top o’ the morning to ya” to Irish people.

The TV star attended the Oscar Wilde Party in Santa Monica to receive his honors after he joined the cast of Riverdance on his US talk show.

“I’m honoured to be honoured in such a way,” James told RTÉ.

Honorary Irishman: James Corden was honored at the Oscar Wilde Party | 


“But I’m mostly, it makes me feel embarrassed for every time myself, or any of my countrymen, have said to anyone Irish ‘top o’ the morning to ya’.

“I cannot begin to imagine how annoying that must be and I will endeavor to stop that and if there’s anything I can do, as an honorary Irishman, I will spread the message that it’s not funny,” he added.