Top 10 Best Things About Christmas

It’s that time again folks and here is the countdown of the top ten things about Christmas

10. Snow


It adds a real touch of magic when that snow is falling around Christmas time, snow balls snowmen, o so festive


9. Shopping


Its crazy, manic and can be dangerous at times but you can’t beat the energy around cities, towns and shopping centers at Christmas.


8. Music


Warning Christmas music contains 100% cheeeeese but even cheese can be good for you as part of a balanced diet..


7. Jesus


The big man himself, a lot of the time he can be overlooked but he’s the reason Christmas exists. Thanks Jesus.


6. Lights/Decorations


The smell of Christmas tree, the music playing hanging decorations and lights while having a glass of wine, gotta love it.


5. Holidays


Even if your the Grinch himself you’ll still love the extra free time most of us have off.


4. Food

dinner 2

It’s the time of year when all of our eyes are bigger than their bellies and rightly so Christmas dinner is simply delicious (not to mention the hundred’s of tasty sandwiches after dinner)


3. Presents


The excitement and wonder of opening gifts but also the joy that comes with the giving of gifts especially to kids, o the excitement


2. Friends & Family


Most of our friends family and loved ones are home, the local bars and pubs are packed with all the old faces the crack is mighty… CHEERS


1. Christmas Eve & Santa


There is nothing like the feeling we get on Christmas eve truly magical especially with kids around.


That concludes our top 10 countdown of Christmas, comment below and share with friends

Happy Christmas